Frankie is always cold and loves his jackets.

Frankie at the Vet

He did great for his check up.


This photo shows how his front leg is shifted out of normal setting.

Frankie's Nails

They have since been clipped twice to shorten them slowly without causing additional pain.



Frankie was found by a family member wandering down the middle of the road confused. We don't typically accept dogs and cats but we could not leave Frankie at the shelter in his condition. He was found with severe cataracts, bacteria in his ears and damage that nearly blocked the ability to medicate them, appears to be deaf, has difficulty walking due to his front leg being slightly displaced and the rear leg being swollen (possible cancer), skin issues, and painfully long toenails. He is also intact and only partially potty trained. The vet estimated him to be a poorly conditioned 10 years old. Despite this, Frankie is very loving and easy to please. He has one requirement: to be held. Frankie is looking for a home where people are relatively idle. He loves to nap while you watch TV or read, as long as he's near someone. He is indifferent to other dogs, cats, pigs, and mildly interested in horses. He never barks at anything except to state that he is alone. He tolerates being crated for short periods of time after a brief announcement that he does not want to be in there. He does not use the bathroom in his crate and immediately uses the bathroom when being taken outside. He is fully vaccinated. The vet said he can be neutered but we would be more comfortable getting a second opinion due to his age and condition. We would not expect that Frankie has a long life ahead of him but he is not showing signs of giving up and we would love to see him have a home where he can be warm and loved for whatever time he has left. 

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